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Blueberry Active Birth Classes with Mel Campbell

The Active Birth Classes are a complete birth preparation course created by world-renowned childbirth educator Janet Balaskas – Founder of the Active Birth Centre in London, UK and taught right here in Melbourne by Internationally Certified Practitioner Mel Campbell


Cromwell Rd &, Wilson St, South Yarra VIC 3141 (See Map)


Next 4 Week Series starts July 20th


Wednesday’s 6:00pm – 7:30pm over 4 consecutive weeks

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In many ways, these classes are everything you think will be covered in a Hospital Birth Class but usually aren’t. 

The focus of the Active Birth Classes are to prepare women both mentally and physically for birth so they have a deeper understanding of how to manage themselves through breathing techniques, movement and relaxation tools 

The day when Janet introduced the phrase ‘active birth’ is possibly the most important one in the history of childbirth in Europe…

Dr. Michel Odent - French obstetrician and childbirth specialist
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What to expect in the Active Birth Classes

  • Discover the amazing physiology of labour and birth

  • Understand your body – and why babies are born more easily in an Active Birth

  • Practice positions and movements for labour and birth

  • Effective breathing exercises and relaxation techniques

  • How to work with your hormones to encourage natural pain relief

  • How to use touch, massage and partner support

  • Follow your breathing during contractions and ‘breath your baby out’

  • How to combine an Active Birth with medical pain relief or interventions if you need them

ACTIVE BIRTH is not new. It is simply a way of describing how women the world over have always behaved during labour and birth throughout history —

Janet Balaskas ‘New Active Birth’

Frequently Asked Questions


How many hours are the classes?

In total, there are 6 hours of training and this is broken into 4 x 90minute sessions over 4 consecutive weeks.

Can I combine these classes with a Hypnobirthing workshop or Prenatal Yoga Series?

Absolutely! The Active Birth Classes are a complete birth preparation course – and for many clients it is the only course they attend whilst for others, they will combine it with a Hypnobirthing Workshop, Yoga Series or both. Hypnobirthing and Active Birth are complementary and there is no conflict in doing both The detail and focus of this workshop on the normal physiology of the birth process will give you confidence and trust in your body and your ability to manage the sensations, reducing the need for medical pain relief and increasing the possibility of a natural birth.


The optimal timing to start is between 20 – 34 weeks pregnant although outside of this range is okay too. If your baby comes at full term, you can expect it anywhere between 38 & 42 weeks so it’s recommended that you plan to finish the course before the 38 week mark.

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“We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.”
— Laura Stavoe Harm