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Blueberry Active Birth with Mel Campbell

Blueberry remains committed to delivering quality Childbirth Education to expectant parents.

Whether it be In-Person Workshops or via Live Interactive Webinar, our passion and dedication remains the same

Active Birth as taught by Janet Balaskas

Studies have shown that if a woman feels relaxed, safe and supported in labour, they are
• 30% less likely to request pain relief
• 40% less likely to require a forceps delivery
• 50% less likely to have a Caesarean
• 60% less likely to request an epidural
— Epworth Freemasons Hospital, Melbourne
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Active Birth

The New Approach to Giving Birth Naturally

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Feedback – In Person Workshop

“Amazingly positive and enjoyable hypnobirthing course. Condensed yet comprehensive, Mel is a great teacher and the weekend flew by, heading in to birth now with excitement and anticipation as I know I have the tools to make this a positive experience.”

– Laura (January, 2021)

“Completing this course made us feel so much more relaxed, confident and informed. Mel answered all questions thoroughly and we came away with a toolkit of practices to promote a positive birth experience, as well as an understanding of what to expect (and how to handle the unexpected). Highly recommend!”

– Olivia (January, 2021)

Feedback – live interactive webinar

“What a wonderful experience Mel’s hypnobirthing class was – even doing it remotely we still felt connected, had all our questions answered and we got so much information out of it. Would highly recommend this class to anyone giving birth soon, there is so much insight and wisdom to be gained about labour and childbirth and Mel is so generous with her time and sharing of her own personal experiences as well. Thank you for a wonderful weekend.”

– Steph & Rob (November, 2020)

“My partner and I just finished Mel’s Hypnobirthing course over zoom due to current restrictions and I cannot recommend the course and Mel more highly! The whole process was seamless and I am still surprised at the things I learned and would have never known about if I hadn’t took part. I feel completely relaxed and ready for the birth of my first baby, I am actually excited for it! My mindset has completely changed over the two days and I am well equipped to make decisions that are right for me and my baby. My partner absolutely loved the course too and he was very sceptical to say the least! We now know how to work together as a team during labour which is amazing. It was also great to meet other couples who felt the same as us, it was fun and enjoyable. Everything about it was perfect so if you are thinking about it….DO IT! Thanks Mel for being such a wonderful, positive person to deliver this course.”

– Elizabeth (August, 2020)

So what’s this Course all about?

  • Awaken the instinctual intelligence of your body!
  • Discover the amazing physiology of labour and birth
  • Understand your body – and why babies are born more easily in an Active Birth
  • Practice positions and movements for labour and birth
  • Effective breathing exercises and relaxation techniques
  • How to work with your hormones to encourage natural pain relief
  • How to use touch, massage and partner support
  • Follow your breathing during contractions and ‘breath your baby out’
  • How to combine an Active Birth with medical pain relief or interventions if you need them 
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“We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.”
— Laura Stavoe Harm