Hypnobirthing & Active Birth
One Day Workshop


Blueberry Birth with Mel Campbell

Blueberry is committed to delivering quality Childbirth Education to expectant parents. Workshops are conveniently located in Southbank, Melbourne and are held once a month

So what’s this Course all about?

This workshop is an inclusive and non-judgemental course that harnesses relaxation techniques incorporating self-hypnosis techniques, which is where the word ‘hypno’ comes into the picture.

The program teaches a myriad of tools (form guided relaxation to soft touch massage) that can be used to facilitate a gentler and calm birth experience. Different techniques will work for different people so there is an array to pick and choose from on the day. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what will help you most during labour if you’ve never been in labour before!

The Hypnobirthing and Active Birth workshop also demystifies birth by explaining the physiology of labour and how babies are born. Breaking it down in simple and easy to understand terms. For many people, understanding the process itself helps to remove any fear. When we understand how a woman’s body is designed to birth babies, we can normalise the experience and start to get excited about meeting the actual baby itself!

The main objective of the workshop is to promote a positive birth experience regardless of the type of birth. Although Hypnobirthing recognises birth as a normal (non-medicalised) event, we do recognise that sometimes a little help is needed and in that way we work hand in hand with care givers (Midwives, Obstetricians & Doulas) to manage expectations so nobody is fixed on a particular outcome. We aim to feel joyful and positive about birth no matter the journey birth takes and the first step towards obtaining this is education! Hypnobirthing is always foremost about Childbirth Education and sharing evidence based information that helps women make informed decisions.

When women feel in control, informed and empowered, beautiful birth experiences follow.

Hypnobirthing put simply, is Child Birth Education.

Studies have shown that if a woman feels relaxed, safe and supported in labour, they are
• 30% less likely to request pain relief
• 40% less likely to require a forceps delivery
• 50% less likely to have a Caesarean
• 60% less likely to request an epidural
— Epworth Freemasons Hospital, Melbourne


“Such a great course, it shifted so much in the way I thought about childbirth and I feel far more aware of my role as the partner/support”

     – Jarrod (December, 2022)

“I can not recommend this course enough. For me, the main aim of the course was to educate my husband on how he could support me during labour. The course not only achieved that but has also made me feel 100 times more prepared when it comes to giving birth. It complemented the birth, baby and labour course that I did through my hospital perfectly. Thank you Mel!”

     – Jessica (December, 2022)

“I did the hypnobirthing course in September of last year, firstly I’d like to say it was AMAZING, I honestly put my entire positive birth experience down to your course. My beautiful baby boy was born at 41+1, vaginally, non-medicated and non-instrumental!”

     – Columbia (October, 2022)

“An incredible weekend. From a fathers perspective, a really great insight into the inner workings of labour and child birth. Highly educational and practical, you will undoubtedly leave much more prepared then when you went in. A real eye opener to how partners can assist during pregnancy and at child birth. Would 100% recommend to anyone.”

     – Timothy (April, 2022)

“This workshop did wonders for me and my partner. We came into it knowing very little about the physiology of birth and as two individuals approaching this journey separately, and left with an enormous amount of knowledge and as a team. Mel’s manner and degree of knowledge are extraordinary; we felt so privileged to be educated by her. Most importantly my fear surrounding birth dissipated over the course of the two days and now if my anxiety reappears, my partner is able to talk me through it. One last thing is, the information is very much grounded in science, so don’t be put off by the ‘hypno’ in the title. It’s essentially a thorough birthing class that also offers some meditative techniques to help you tame your mind. Can’t recommend this workshop enough!”

     – Mayan (April, 2022)

“I cannot recommend this organisation enough! Mel at Blueberry offers a calm oasis during what can be a turbulent time in any first-time parent’s life. You will not be disappointed with the quality, attention to detail, inclusivity, and extensive support offered by Blueberry.

From prenatal yoga to hypnobirthing classes, she provides sage, evidence-based, and reassuring advice, empowering you to navigate your journey with knowledge and confidence. The spaces that she creates as part of her courses are supportive and non-judgemental, where you are free to ask any question you may have – big or small.

Every week, I look forward to coming to prenatal yoga, to experience a positive birth environment alongside other pregnant bodies and see Mel’s kind and supportive face. My partner greatly appreciated the opportunity to learn more about hypnobirthing at a recent workshop, where he gained confidence and developed a better understanding about how best to support us during the birthing process. By providing the space to sit down and properly discuss our expectations, ideas, and perspectives on birth and the fourth trimester, Mel has helped us both feel more like a cohesive team with a game plan. Thank you!”

     – Billi (April, 2022)

“My partner and I found the hypnobirthing course to be incredibly worthwhile. It was structured to be both practical and informative with such openness and honesty to the experience of childbirth. Mel was not only knowledgeable but kind and supportive, establishing a lovely learning environment for all. What once was something seen as daunting is now seen in a more positive light, thanks a million Mel.”

     – Emma (February, 2022)

“Amazingly positive and enjoyable hypnobirthing course. Condensed yet comprehensive, Mel is a great teacher and the weekend flew by, heading in to birth now with excitement and anticipation as I know I have the tools to make this a positive experience.”

     – Laura (January, 2021)

“Completing this course made us feel so much more relaxed, confident and informed. Mel answered all questions thoroughly and we came away with a toolkit of practices to promote a positive birth experience, as well as an understanding of what to expect (and how to handle the unexpected). Highly recommend!”

     – Olivia (January, 2021)

“What a wonderful experience Mel’s hypnobirthing class was – even doing it remotely we still felt connected, had all our questions answered and we got so much information out of it. Would highly recommend this class to anyone giving birth soon, there is so much insight and wisdom to be gained about labour and childbirth and Mel is so generous with her time and sharing of her own personal experiences as well. Thank you for a wonderful weekend.”

    – Steph & Rob (November, 2020)

“My partner and I just finished Mel’s Hypnobirthing course over zoom due to current restrictions and I cannot recommend the course and Mel more highly! The whole process was seamless and I am still surprised at the things I learned and would have never known about if I hadn’t took part. I feel completely relaxed and ready for the birth of my first baby, I am actually excited for it! My mindset has completely changed over the two days and I am well equipped to make decisions that are right for me and my baby. My partner absolutely loved the course too and he was very sceptical to say the least! We now know how to work together as a team during labour which is amazing. It was also great to meet other couples who felt the same as us, it was fun and enjoyable. Everything about it was perfect so if you are thinking about it….DO IT! Thanks Mel for being such a wonderful, positive person to deliver this course.”

    – Elizabeth (August, 2020)

“We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.”
— Laura Stavoe Harm