Just For Mums Yoga with Mel Campbell

Thursday 7:50pm

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Starting with some strengthening of the core and pelvic floor, then transitioning to a gentle Yin class to relax the body and mind. It doesn't matter if your child is 12 weeks old or 12 years old, this deeply restorative class is perfect for all Mums.

Frequently Asked Questions


After your baby is born, you will have a scheduled 6 week check up with your Midwife, Obstetrician or GP. At this appointment they will tell you if you have the all clear to return to gentle exercise. When that happens, we’d love to see you! If your child/children are a little bit older, you can start any time!

what if my child isn’t a newborn, can mum’s of older children come to this class too?

Absolutely, this class isn’t just for Mama’s of newborns! Six weeks postpartum is just a minimum. If you have a child that is six years old you are still going to benefit hugely from the main focuses of this class - the core strengthening and pelvic floor work stay incredibly relevant. Also, as Mums in general, taking an hour for ourselves each week can be a major part of looking after yourself - body, mind and soul.

can i do this class if i have never done yoga before?

Absolutely! This class is gentle and full of modifications so it’s suitable for complete beginners.

what style is this class?

This is a Yin Yoga based class but it’s not purely Yin because we spend some time focusing on restoring the pelvic floor and core strength with particular focus on the needs of Mamas. It’s tailored to the needs of the women in the class so it varies from week to week depending on what’s needed and desired!

What should I bring to a yoga class?

  • Yoga Mats and equipment are provided. If you like, you can use a specialised non-slip yoga towel over the top of your mat although it's not necessary.

  • Bring a drink of water.

  • Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in.

Is there any class etiquette I should know about?

  • Please turn your phone off or place it on silent before you come in.

  • Remove your shoes as soon as you’re in the door and place with your bags etc. to the side of the room keeping the space around your mat clear.

  • Please leave valuables at home.